Casa Loma Event Venue

Policies and Procedures


1. RESERVATIONS: A $500.00 reservation fee/damage deposit is required to reserve the date along with exclusive use of the Casa Loma Event Venue facilities. This payment is payable at the time of contract signature. If the reserved date is cancelled for any reason, the $500.00 reservation fee/damage deposit will not be refunded. If the event date is kept, the $500.00 reservation fee/damage deposit will be refunded (within 14 days after event), after the facility has been accessed for any damages. The damage deposit shall be applied to any damage you or your guests may cause to the venue or anything that needs to be replaced. The deposit will be applied for excessive clean-up of bride and groom house, pavilion bathrooms and kitchen, landscaping and grounds. This includes any damage to flower beds, etc. We have worked very hard to make a beautiful place for your special event and ask that you and your guests help us keep it that way for the next guests.

2. PAYMENT OF EVENT: At least half of the payment of the package you choose must be paid 60 days before your event. Full payment of the event package you choose must be paid 30 days before the date of your event. If full payment is not received 30 days in advance of your event date, the event will be cancelled, and all money paid will not be refunded.

3. CANCELLATION: You may cancel your event no less than 120 days prior to your event. Casa Loma Event Venue must have a written request for cancellation. In the event of a cancellation, the RESERVATION FEE / damage deposit will not be refunded. If event is cancelled for any reason after 120 days prior to your reserved date, no payments made to Casa Loma Event Venue will be refunded. Only exception to this would be a death in your immediate family in which all payments other than the reservation fee / damage deposit would be refunded.

4. COMPLIANCE: All persons associated with your event must comply with the policies outlined in Casa Loma Event Venue’s policies and procedures document. You are responsible for the actions of all your guests and wedding party. We reserve the right to request any person or persons, acting unruly or contrary to rental policies, to leave the property. Assistance from law enforcement agencies may be acquired if request is ignored or not met.

5. INSURANCE: You are required to have Event Insurance for the duration of the event. Liability coverage must have a minimum limit of $500,000. If alcohol will be served the insurance policy must include the appropriate coverage for the serving of alcohol

6. UNFORESEEN EVENTS: Casa Loma Event Venue will not be held responsible for failure to provide the basic utilities and services due to emergencies, catastrophes or interruptions of public utilities. Casa Loma Event Venue cannot be held responsible for power outages beyond their control. Casa Loma Event Venue will allow you to reschedule if possible. Sometimes there are unforeseen problems that might not be resolved in time for your event; however, we will do everything within reason to correct issues that may arise.

7. ACTS OF GOD: Casa Loma Event Venue will not be held responsible for Acts of God, including resulting damage to persons or property.

8. ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES: The use of alcoholic beverages is allowed at Casa Loma Event Venue.  Alcoholic beverages may only be served by an ABC certified bartender approved by Casa Loma Event Venue.  All alcohol must be provided by clients including ice, cups, mixers etc.

9. SMOKING: No smoking in or around buildings or out on property. Smoking is permitted in designated smoking area only. Please have guests put all butts in containers provided. We respect your right to smoke and ask that you help us keep our facility and grounds nice for our future guests and events.

10. CHILDREN: We love children and ask that all children be in the company of an adult at all times for safety reasons. We do not want anyone getting hurt or going onto the neighbor’s property. Also, please keep children out of flower beds and off rocks.

11. PETS: Pets are not allowed to stay on the premises. If you have a pet in the wedding, the pet may be brought before the wedding. The pet must be on a leash at all times. The pet must have a caretaker to care for them and clean up any waste the pet may leave behind. The pet may not stay overnight.

12. FOOD AND BEVERAGES: All activities related to food preparation, presentation, serving, clean-up, and disposal of related garbage must be performed by you or your caterer. You may select any caterer of your choosing, or a caterer from the preferred list of Casa Loma Event Venue. If you choose a caterer of your own, they must be approved by Casa Loma Event Venue. If you have your event catered, food needs to be prepared before it arrives. Your catering service is responsible for the set-up, break down, and clean-up of the catered site. Please allow appropriate time for break down and clean-up. We have a regular refrigerator, stovetop and oven for your convenience and use.

13. VENDORS: ALL vendors (florists, bakers, caterers, musicians, photographers, wedding coordinators, Rental Company, etc.) must adhere to our terms and policies. It is your responsibility to share these guidelines with them. All electrical outlets on the property are available for use by the wedding parties and their vendors. The parties are welcome to inspect the locations and number of outlets prior to your event.

14. DECORATIONS: Decorations must be approved by Casa Loma Event Venue. Nails, staples, screws, duct tape, and masking tape cannot be used. We will have nails and hangers in various places for you to use and may add more for you if it’s not too much. String and ribbon may be used. No confetti, rice, silly string, etc., are allowed. Bubbles and birdseed are allowed. Sparklers will be allowed if weather permits. Open flame candles are prohibited.

15. REHEARSAL: You may schedule to have a rehearsal prior to your event, however, clean-up after rehearsal is your responsibility.

16. MUSIC AND NOISE FACTOR: NO MUSIC IS ALLOWED AFTER 10:00 P.M. Sound must be kept at a reasonable level during all events. There will need to be a sound check before your event. Casa Loma Event Venue reserves the right to decide what a reasonable sound level is. We want to be courteous to our neighbors.

17. PERSONAL PROPERTY: Casa Loma Event Venue is not responsible for lost or stolen property. Anything damaged or stolen will be the sole responsibility of the person or persons renting the facility.

18. CLEAN UP: Anything and everything that belongs to you must be taken at the end of your event including all boxes and containers used to transport items to our facility. All disposables must be in the garbage containers provided. Event must end with appropriate time remaining for clean-up and closure of the facility by 11:00 p.m. An additional charge of $100.00 an hour will be charged after 11:00 p.m. ALL DECORATIONS MUST BE REMOVED WITHOUT DAMAGES. Be kind and leave the property as you found it.

19. PHOTOS: Casa Loma Event Venue reserves the right to take and use photos of your event for promotional purposes.

20. RISKS AND RESPONSIBILITY: Casa Loma Event Venue will not be held responsible for any loss, stolen, missing or damaged property incurred by you or your guests. You are responsible for all guests that enter Casa Loma Event Venue during your rented time. Guests agree to release and hold Casa Loma Event Venue harmless, including any attorney fees and costs incurred from all claims, demands, suits or judgements from use of the property, or any outdoor facilities including, but not limited to, any damages incurred , injury, or even death. Outside areas consist of grassy areas, areas with loose gravel, uneven walkways, sidewalks, and terraced and rock landscaping. No valuables should be left in dressing areas, and Casa Loma Event Venue is not responsible for any items lost or stolen.

21. JURISDICTION: The Casa Loma Event Venue contract shall be construed under the laws of the State of Tennessee. Further, by entering into the contract, the parties agree that they are subjecting themselves to the jurisdiction of Houston County, TN, and agree that Houston County TN is the proper venue for any legal issues that may arise regarding this contract.

22. RESERVATION PROCESS: A contract agreement must be signed, all pages initialed, as well as appropriate deposits submitted in order to confirm Casa Loma Event Venue.


Your Signature below confirms that you have read, and agree to follow the Policies and Procedures of Casa Loma Event Venue outlined above.



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